Front-end Developer (remote)

Nov 2016 - Jun 2019

Haught Codeworks, Boulder

A web and mobile app consultancy specializing in rapid prototyping and project rescues.

  • Mostly frontend development in a highly collaborative environment with other developers, clients, and designers.
  • Contributed on seven different projects and counting, mostly Rails apps.
  • Prolific use of various project management tools (PT, Jira, Assana, Trello) and workflows.
  • Sole front-end developer on two projects, including this rescue project.
  • Some experience developing with Phoenix and Vue for an internal tool.

Rails API Developer (remote)

Jul 2015 - Sep 2016

Telnyx, Chicago

A 2014 Techstars company providing telephony/VOIP services.

  • Built, maintained, and enhanced the Rails API as part of a continuous integration microservice architecture. Services interacted via RabbitMQ and REST.
  • Transitioned Segment tracking from all client-side to mostly server-side. Integrations included HubSpot, Intercom, GoogleAnalytics, AdWords and FullStory.
  • Created version controlled Postman collections for various microservices. This enabled the Support Team to resolve common administrative tasks without having to ping Engineering.

Full-stack Rails Developer (mostly remote)

Apr 2014 - Jun 2015

MachineShop, Denver

An API-centric middleware company operating in the IoT space.

  • Built, maintained, and enhanced the Rails API and web portals, including regular deploys.
  • Regular developer-to-developer support for our clients’ engineering teams.
  • Developed the capability for customers to wrap MachineShop’s API with any naming convention they desired, as well as some 3rd party API’s (Box, Salesforce, Github), using the MachineShop platform as a proxy.

Full-stack Rails Developer (mostly remote)

Dec 2012 - Apr 2014

Mach19, Denver

A consultancy specializing in MVP Rails applications (Hired/acquired by MachineShop).

  • Fullstack development, regular deployments, database administration and maintenance.
  • Built the front end for an application where the UI/UX compatibility requirement was “IE7 and iPad”.
  • With a co-worker, converted a sizable JSP application to Rails in 3 weeks by writing a script which converted filenames, created directories, etc., to match Rails conventions.

Side Projects

BlueCollar - Open source automated cryptocurrency 'market maker' for Coinbase Pro.
Tumbleweed - Another open source automated cryptocurrency 'market maker'.
ERB Animate - Tutorial for leveraging ERB with CSS @keyframes.
BeeCanDo - Silly concept app to get kids to convince their parents to donate to good causes.

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Skills & Proficiency


Ruby on Rails